Image bank

Integrated images & more
Gettid offers a completely integrated image bank. Simply upload anything related to your brand, organise it into collections and share it with your collaborators. Creating a consistent language of brand supporting images, that speak volumes about who you are.


Collective awareness
Giving life to a brand is a collective effort, in which all professionals involved need the same tools and information. Gettid gives them just that. Share the treasure chest of your corporate identity by inviting others to join your brand community. Or share any file instantly, with anyone you want.


Your corporate colours might be the most visible part of your identity. Consistency is vital here. Gettid lets you easily create different colour palettes for different purposes. It also translates colour values to different formats, allowing users to quickly find the right colour in every environment.


Using the right font is key for the look and feel of your corporate identity. Generally, different fonts within your brand identity have different purposes. Gettid helps you clarify which font, weight and size to use in each context.


If consistency is key when using your brand identity, start at the beginning. Make Gettid your own using your brand’s logo, fonts and colours. And show your brand identity the way it’s meant to be seen, to anyone visiting your Gettid portal.