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A brand new way to share your brand

For anyone dealing with brand development, management and promotion, there now is one tool that does it all: uploading, managing and sharing every element of your brand identity. You must get Gettid.

Give your brand the portal 
it deserves

A single tool to manage every aspect of your brand

Gettid grants immediate access to all the elements that make up your brand identity: typography, colours, logo, images and more. Safely stored, always available, and easy to share.

The online solution for your corporate identity

Gettid is the modern-day successor of the old school design manual. A flexible cloud environment, in which you effortlessly add, share and exchange the building blocks of your brand.

Manage your identity efficiently and consistently

Gettid’s quick and easy-to-use file access saves your company time and money. Moreover, it helps you and your employees to use your brands visual language constantly and consistently. Strengthening your identity and your message.

A platform tailored to your needs

Do the needs of you brand change over time? Gettid adapts. Whether you want to increase storage space, add more collaborators, or manage multiple brands: with Gettid, it’s all just a few clicks away.

Ready to manage your corporate identity the Gettid way?

Gettid gives you everything you need. Colours, fonts, logos, guidelines and image bank: all in one place. Gettid helps you keep identity management easy, even when managing multiple brands. Get started today.

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